Research interests

I’m interested in programming language theory, particularly in functional languages and type systems.  I enjoy thinking about purely theoretical problems, but my work is usually built upon a concrete domain.  For instance, I explored the ideas of functional reactive programming in the contexts of music and user interfaces for my PhD.

Past Work

From 2015-2017, I worked on a language for adaptive differential privacy with Benjamin Pierce at the University of Pennsylvania.  Our language, Adaptive Fuzz, incorporates state of the art adaptive privacy filters into a system framework to allow standard differential privacy mechanisms to be usable in a safe and intuitive way.

My graduate work, under the late Paul Hudak, was on functional reactive programming.  I designed a system of resource types for safety and clarity, and worked on a system of asynchronous concurrency.  Specifically, I spent much time on the computer music language Euterpea and its arrowized graphical package UISF.

Over the summer of 2011, I interned at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK with Simon Marlow. I initially worked on adding data and type declarations to GHCi (see the git commit), and then I worked on new features for the Par monad.

You can find my resume here.


I have volunteered and been active at a number of conferences and workshops:


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